When you can't count on the weather.
Count on AdvanTech® panels.

AdvanTech® flooring and sheathing offers superior moisture protection over plywood and OSB, rain or shine. 1

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What Makes AdvanTech Panels Better?

Stop Re-work

AdvanTech® panels are guaranteed4 not to warp, cup, delaminate or swell under wet conditions.

Stop Re-work

Reduce Callbacks

AdvanTech® panels install flat and stay flat, for a solid, finished difference your homebuyer can feel.

Reduce Callbacks

Stay on Schedule

AdvanTech® panels help crews keep moving with a simple fastening guide, easy-fit tongue and groove profile and pre-sanded surfaces.

Stay on Schedule

Build Strong

Dense, consistent panels with powerful moisture resistant resins and Structural 1 shear strength resist high-force winds and hold nails firmly in place.

Build Strong

FLAT OUT BESTTM for Roofs, Walls and Floors

With plywood, water absorption can lead to wicking and delamination, cupping and buckling. Avoid re-work on the job and costly callbacks for bouncy, squeaky floors. Switch to AdvanTech panels. AdvanTech® panels have the strength of plywood and moisture resistance you can trust. Watch AdvanTech panels go head-to-head against plywood and OSB to see the difference.

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Trusted by Builders

Winner of Builder Magazine's #1 Quality Brand Leader for more than a decade,2 AdvanTech panels help builders nationwide protect their builds and their timelines. Find out how James Carpenter put AdvanTech panels to the test.

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AdvanTech® Panels are in a Class of Their Own

AdvanTech panels are made with advanced resin technology that penetrates wood strands for superior moisture protection throughout each panel, to protect floors, roofs and walls against swelling.

24-Hour Water Soak Comparison

OSB has a bad reputation for its frequent swelling and weakening after being exposed to moisture. But AdvanTech panels are made to withstand the elements.

3-Hour Water Soak Comparison

When soaked in 1 inch of red water, the water line barely moves on AdvanTech panels. Plywood samples soaked the water straight into the core and up the panel.

Ready to Make the Switch?

For a limited time, first time users can claim a rebate of up to $450.5

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500 Day No-Sanding Guarantee

You can rely on AdvanTech panels to give you the best warranty in the business, featuring a lifetime of coverage and a 500-day no-sanding guarantee.4

  1. AdvanTech panels are the only wood structural panels substantiated by third party evaluation services for published design values for strength, stiffness and fastener-holding power above PS-2 minimum. See ESR-1785 for published values.
  2. Commissioned pricing research for AdvanTech® panels, 2013, Burke Research
  3. Voted #1 Quality Brand in Builder Magazine’s annual Brand Use Study, since 2002.
  4. Limitations and restrictions apply. See AdvanTechPerforms.com for details.
  5. Additional Rules and Regulations: Rebate is available to professional building/remodeling companies only (“Qualifying Building Company”). Rebate is not available outside the United States. Eligibility for the rebate may be independently verified at Huber’s sole discretion. Rebate cannot be combined with any other promotion. The maximum rebate per Qualifying Building Company is $600. Valid invoices must be submitted by deadline to qualify for rebate. Huber is not responsible for lost, misdirected, mutilated or postage due mail. Rebate checks will be issued to the building company rather than to the employee-purchaser. All rebate information is processed by a third party fulfillment company.